These Portions of below mentioned Testimonies always Bless me, Thank you Jesus.

     Testimony (1)

15th of Nov 2004

Dear Anton,

This email comes from Singapore.

I believe it was the Holy Spirit that linked your website to me.

Actually, I was searching for a certain church in Singapore but somehow it was linked to yours.

However, as I clicked onto your Daily Readings and then subsequently to the webpage where the tape column is inserted, your tape on praying the Word of God made the Word alive to me. It captured my ears and I actually follow thru' your morning prayer tape, praying together in front of my computer.

My soul really thirsts for God, Thank you, Anton. May our Good God - God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit continue to bless you and your wife and children and the works that the Lord has placed in your hands to do.

ALSO, I do have an urgent prayer request for a miracle from God,  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


18th Nov 2004.

Thank you for all the prayers and all the encouragements. I will let my Pastor know of your website.

I hope our pastor would invite you to share with us, your many testimonies on God's goodness, thereby you could encourage our church brothers and sisters to attend our church prayer meeting.




     Testimony (2)

28th November 2004

E-Mail from a lady in Wales

 Dear Anton,

 Newport is some distance from me but I have contacted them. Thank you so very much Antonxx

I am a student ready for graduation and have a great deal of work to get through and your e-mail has given me joy tonight to get on with my work, to have no fears and thank the lord above, the strength to spend some time in his Word. I have printed out many of your daily readings and have placed them in a nice folder to read through. The one I have been touched by especially is the Daily Reading regarding your Birthday.

Thank you for sharing your life with us, I really enjoyed reading your website.

Will keep in touch and let you know how things have gone and are going. Thank you for your support, hwyl Fawr....Bye in Welsh. Christ is Iesu in Welsh in case you think I have gone potty using words that only mean something to me and my fellow Welshmen (or women as politics would have it here).

                                        God bless you,

                                       for your knowledge.


10th January 2005----1- 07 pm


PS) I have had many friends from university asking about the recent disaster in Asia so I have printed out many of your daily readings and your news on this. I hope this is ok.





       Testimony (3)


        7th July 2002


     On the 7th of July 2002, at a very short notice we were called to rush up to the Intensive Care Ward, Gloucester General Hospital, to visit my dear brother Justin who was confronting death. We had no choice than to totally depend on the overflow of our prayer life and all the crucial, precious hours spent during our prayer times on our knees reading and meditating on the Word Of Our Lord, for itís at moments like these that we need to apply all the principles and spiritual revelations learnt to put it into practice the reality of raising up my dear brother Justin from gasping his last breath!

                            For the full story, please press this link,



   Testimony (4)


    23rd December 2004



  Dear Anton,

        Thank you so much for sending us the beautiful C.D. , which we had great pleasure in listening to last evening. Thank you also for sending the reading extracted from your website, which I am sure the Lord will richly bless with so many people visiting the site. Its amazing how modern technology can be used to spread the Christian message these days.


            from:  Dr. James United Kingdom



Testimony (5)


    17th January 2006


Please would you pray for me regarding this--:

God Bless you and your wonderful ministry- it has cheered me up and encouraged me immensely.



  20 January 2006 16:16

I have sent your daily readings to my prayer partners because I found them encouraging and thought that they might also find them helpful.

Thank you for praying and please do continue as I will for you.

God Bless you,

      from:  Ruby  Scottish Borders



Testimony (6)


11 July 2006 02:28

Please pray for me too that GOD will give me the strength to carry my crosses as a good Christian and not to give up, no matter how heavy the situation maybe. I am going through your webpage, and all the articles are very interesting especially after reading the history of Brickfields.

 Thank you and I will continue to go though the daily readings and include you in my daily prayers.


Christina.  ( West Malaysia)


Testimony (7)

Hi Anton

Do you do free marriage counselling?

Gary ( Surrey, UK)

Antonís response:

Dear Gary,

Thank you so much for your e-mail. I just hope our website was a blessing to you.

I am very, very sorry to say Gary that we are not involved in any form of marriage counselling. We leave this precious and much needed service within the safe precincts of the church organization which is more appropriate for us.

There is one significant thing we can do for you. We can pray. I do this sacred act nearly every morning. If you can let me know the name of your friend, partner, wife, we will then place both your names on our prayer list and lift up the names to our Gracious Heavenly Father every day. He loves you both much more than you think!!!! I know this for I have experienced His love and am still experiencing His Love.

Please do get in touch with any evangelical church in Surrey. For they would come out of their way to help you in your marriage and I am sure you know this, itís all free.

I am presuming you are both Christians. Even if you are not, please do read all my daily readings. For there is a lot of hard earned wisdom there. I promise you this, the daily readings will definitely help you in your marriage and if you are interested do listen to the tapes on my tape section.

Please press this below link to read my daily readings.

Meanwhile please take care of yourselves and do keep us informed how everything is progressing?

Kind Regards,


PS: Please do click this website to extract some important information about marriage counselling.


Testimony (8)

09 January 2007 19:52

Hi Anton

Hope you are all well! Just to say i read your website the other day and i thought it was great. The testimonies and stories regarding your family and your history was powerful. I especially warmed to the coming together of you and your wife from differing religious backgrounds. John 17:20-23.

May God bless your children

May God bless your marriage

May God bless your home

May God bless your ministries

May He be ever attentive to your prayers


 Your Servant in Christ




Testimony (9)

21 June 2007 00:19

Dear Anton & Saida,

Hello from Co Clare in Ireland.

I don't know what it was that made me think of ye the other day but just I googled your names on the internet and found your website.

It's nice to see all the photos, Paul and Janine 'all grown up now', and you all looking so well and happy. It's 15 years since I've seen them and Janine was only a baby. (Sorry I can't watch the videos, my internet connection is too slow).

I was blessed to be around ye and came close to becoming a real man of God. Maybe I can again.

Maybe you could pray for me Anton and Saida, that a new Christian life for me would be blessed with powerful anointing. I don't think I could settle, nor should any Christian, for anything less than the full power of the almighty God. Hot or cold, no in-between

                                                              Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus forever.

                                                                                          Love, Niall



Testimony (10)

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                                      The spiritual warfare and strategic fiery darts were formidable and fierce